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Suruchi Bromley
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Neatly arranged and offering customers some exotic dishes, our restaurant type menu perfectly encapsulates our world. Kicking off the tour is the Fish Dishes menu. This menu lists mouth-watering items including Fish Chilli Masala and Rupchanda Bhaza. You can enjoy these dishes with an amazing sauce. We can assure you that the succulent fish will be memorable in your mind. Making up the Traditional Curries menu are the tasty Curry, Madras and Vindaloo. Other curries are also available for sufficient variety. The Tandoori Specialties are amazing and you will get to enjoy dry marinated Chicken Tikka Main and Lamb Tikka Main. The level of detail that characterizes every dish on this menu is just right for those who want to be wowed. Amazing Vegetable dishes like Bombay Aloo, Aloo Gobi and Brinjal Bhaji are also served. There is enough variety for all our veggie lovers. Our restaurant type is best summarized by the signature dishes we offer. Tikka Balti, Tandoori Chicken Masala and Tikka Biryani are the kind of dishes that you cannot simply ignore. The taste is magnificent and the aroma is soothing. We also have bread, drinks, various extras, set meals and so much more. Come and take on an exciting culinary journey at our restaurant.

About Suruchi Bromley menu

Suruchi restaurant is where the wildest food fantasies are fulfilled. Featuring numerous exotic dishes, a variety of sauces and the best recipes from the Indian subcontinent; our restaurant is a food lover's dream. We serve the best dishes in town and our service delivery is commendable. Appreciated by both drinkers and diners, our restaurant buzzes away throughout the day with customers of all kinds. A skilled service team is always ready to offer quality service and set the vibrant mood going. Suruchi is a result of the remarkable input by skilled chefs, excellent suppliers, magnificent cooks and enthusiastic managers. The entire chain of partnerships comes together to ensure that the contents of every plate are outstanding. There is a casually sophisticated ambience that defines the restaurant at any given time. We always encourage artistry and the virtue of culinary freedom is evident in our dishes. Our cooks take their time to put their skills to test by being both traditional and inventive. We are sure that you will appreciate the warmth that defines our restaurant. Visit us today to get an experience like no other.


Suruchi Bromley restaurant

Prominently immersed in the local town area, our restaurant is open to all visitors. We offer services at our premises and also make deliveries to all those near us. We are situated at 466 Bromley Road, Bromley, BR1 4PP. You can expect a quick food delivery service whenever you need it. We are also accessible from anywhere through our mobile apps. Regardless of how far from the city you might be, our apps available in the App Store and Google Play will serve you just right. We provide customers with top-tier services and the best Indian takeaway. Place an order today and experience our unequaled hospitality.